Two trips for the price of one

Low- or no-cost flight stopovers offer great value

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From the November 2014 issue of the magazine.

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(Getty Images/Mark Tipple)

(Getty Images/Mark Tipple)

Most travellers avoid flights with stopovers like the plague. But some carriers are turning a nuissance into a perk by promoting low- or no-cost stopovers that let travellers visit two destinations for the price of one. For instance, consider flying the Edmonton-Reykjavik-London route. All Icelandair flights stop at its hub outside Reykjavik, and for no extra fee, you can enjoy up to seven days of the country’s natural beauty en route to Britain’s bustling capital. Interested? Here’s four more to consider for your next trip.

Cook Islands

Vancouver ••• ✈ Avarua ••• ✈ Auckland Air New Zealand also serves many South Pacific nations. On many routes, opt for a no-fee stopover to snorkel amongst tropical fish in the Cook Islands before heading out on the New Zealand Wine Trail.

United Arab Emirates

Toronto ••• ✈ Abu Dhabi ••• ✈ Mumbai Etihad made its name thanks to luxe service and cuisine, but it also offers discounted hotel stays in the UAE capital so you can sandboard in the desert before your yoga retreat on the shores of Goa.


Montreal ••• ✈ Amsterdam ••• ✈ Nice KLM offers one no-fee stopover in Amsterdam for travellers whose routes take them through the city.En route to the beaches on the Côte d’Azur, you can tour the Dutch city’s canals and get your art fix at the Rijksmuseum.


Ottawa ••• ✈ St. John’s ••• ✈ Dublin Westjet is encouraging travellers to tack on a Newfoundland visit en route to Ireland. Stay for up to seven days for just $22.60, the cost (including HST) of the airport improvement fee.

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2 comments on “Two trips for the price of one

  1. I enjoy using a stopover in Toronto for a day or so on my way to Europe from the west coast to adjust to the jet lag & time differences By taking the morning flights to Europe you arrive when it is still day time & go to bed at your regular time Get up for breakfast & be ready for a day of site seeing etc It even works for people travelling on points if you ask for it I just hate wasting a day or so because you are too tired & do not feel like getting in the swing of your destination Of course no need to do for Torontonians unless you want to see another country


  2. I just did the Reykjavik stopover between NYC and Munich. The transfer flight was painless, and Iceland was wonderful. I used to avoid layovers but this was a nice way to break things up.


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