A 'cheap date' isn't cheap everywhere

A ‘cheap date’ isn’t cheap everywhere

Cost of McDonald’s, movie tickets, drinks and cab rides varies globally

A cheap date costs more in Ottawa than in Hong Kong (Michael Blann/Getty Images)

An identical “cheap date” costs more in Ottawa than in Hong Kong. (Michael Blann/Getty Images)

A “cheap date” consisting of dinner at McDonald’s, movie tickets, drinks and cab rides for two may cost more in Toronto and Ottawa than it does in Hong Kong and Shanghai but at least it’s not as pricey as it is in Sydney, Tokyo or San Francisco.

The fourth annual Deutsche Bank global price report comparing purchasing power across countries ranked 31 international cities as part of its “Cheap Date Index” measuring costs in $USD against the benchmark cheap date in New York City.

Mumbai was declared the cheapest place for a frugal outing at $24.70 whereas Mexico City and  Rio de Janeiro clocked in at $35 and $48.50 respectively. The most expensive cities for young love are San Francisco ($104.60), Tokyo ($103.50) and London ($99.80). In Toronto, a cheap date will cost you $76 and $71.90 in Ottawa.

Cheap Date Index 1

Cheap Date Index
Across all consumer goods and services, including car rentals, iPhones, five-star hotels, Coke, beer, public transport, gas, gym memberships, Volkswagens, haircuts, jeans and more, Australia was deemed most expensive country followed by New Zealand and the U.K. Canada ranked higher than France, Germany and even Japan with an overall purchasing-power parity (PPP) of 98.