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New Year’s resolutions

More Canadians are feeling optimistic about their personal finances and they’re planning major changes to boot.



  • More Canadians are optimistic that their personal finances will improve this coming year compared to last (37% vs. 32%, RBC’s Canadian Consumer Outlook has found. They, along with the 20% that believe things will get worse, are planning major changes in 2013 to help ease their financial worries.  One-in-three Canadians are planning to focus on reducing their debt, 26% on spending less, 25% on saving or investing more and another 20% intend to take all of the these actions in 2013.
  • Canada’s oldest company began trading on the Toronto Stock Market Monday with a lukewarm reception. HBC shares closed to the day at $16.89, slightly below asking price. Preliminary results show showed total revenue rose to $930.4 million for the third quarter ended Oct. 27. Potential investors will no doubt be watching for The Bay’s holiday profit reports in the coming months.  HBC said it plans to pay a quarterly dividend with a target payout ratio of 20 to 25 per cent of expected net earnings.
  • Looking to compare mortgage and insurance offers? A new website,,  has just launched promising unbiased and comprehensive rate comparisons from leading financial institutions all in one place. Try it and tell us what you think.
  • The Blunt Bean Counter writes about RRSP/RRIF transfers to a spouse and how they can go very, very wrong in some cases.