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This just in: Early retirement is good for you (maybe)

Retiring at age 55 reduces stress and fatigue. Who knew?


Sometimes medical research confirms what you already knew to be true. Recent findings from France are a case in point.

A Stockholm University study of more than 14,000 employees for France’s national grid shows that retiring at age 55 cuts stress and fatigue. Seems simple enough, except the link between work and overall health is unclear.

According to the lead researcher, the decrease in fatigue may be due to the removal of the source of the problem, or it could be that the lack of stress causes people to no longer notice when they are tired.

A study from 2009 showed that those who stop working completely at retirement age are at greater risk of heart attacks, cancer and other major diseases than those who ease their way into retirement by taking a part-time job.

Either way, the research raises questions about the link between work, health, retirement and how best to manage all three.