Find the right investment strategy for any market

Find the right investment strategy for any market

Controlling your behaviour is key


The ebb and flow of the markets have a tendency to take investors for a ride, but the decisions you make during the roller-coaster lows of market fluctuations can have an even greater impact on your portfolio.

At our Invest for Success event—taking place on May 7 in in downtown Toronto—our expert panel of MoneySense contributors and investing minds will offer advice and insight on maximizing your portfolio returns. We asked Dan Bortolotti, who writes the Index Investor column for MoneySense, what separates good investors from great ones.

Q: Dan, you’ve said before that one of the most important factors affecting portfolio returns is investor behaviour, not the actual direction of the markets. Can you explain that?

A: The evidence is clear that most investors’ returns fall well short of what the markets give. That’s due in part to fees, but bad behaviour can be a much bigger factor. Even if investors have a good, low-cost strategy, it’s too easy to get distracted by the noise and to sabotage their own performance.

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