Food costs that are rising

A recipe for the lagging loonie?

For savings, look to fish and lentils this year


Ardent beef-eaters may want to rethink their diet in 2016—and not for their own health, but rather that of their wallets. According to the 2016 Food Price Report from University of Guelph researchers, meat prices are expected to increase up to 4.5% this year. But here’s some good news for those with pescatarian leanings: Increases in fish and seafood costs are expected to be more modest. (The anticipated increases for all major food groups this year are listed below.) On average, though, Canadian households should brace themselves to spend up to $345 more on food in 2016. Our advice? Buy Canadian. For every cent the loonie drops, foods that are imported will likely increase 1% or more.

Look to fish and eggs