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10 ways to cash in on Boxing Day sales

Get the most out of the online and in-store shopping madness


If you’re looking to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales this year, the trick to saving money is simple. You need to be smart, efficient, organized and prepared. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to strategize your shopping on December 26 so you get the most from your money.

1. Do some shopping ahead of time. 

Take note of what you want to buy ahead of time so you save time and money.  “And if you plan to buy clothes or shoes on Boxing Day, make sure you try on the sizes and zoom in on the one you want a few days before,” says digital communications strategist and shopping expert Eden Spodek. “That way, on Boxing Day itself, you just have to pick up the size 7 shoes or XL sweater and walk over to the cash register—no waiting in the dressing room lineup for hours to try it on.”

2. Buy what you normally would have bought.

Don’t let the Boxing Day Sales entice you to part with your money on things you don’t need. Stick to a list you drew up ahead of time.

3. Check online first.

Even if you’re visiting family and friends over the holidays, you can still do your shopping from the comfort of your mom’s couch. “Keep an eye out for exclusive online and mobile deals,” says Sari Friedman, marketing director and resident shopping expert with Ebates.ca.

4. Be prepared.

Start hunting for deals beforehand. “I looked at things online for several days before Boxing Day and put them in my shopping cart,” said,” says Spodek. “That way, I know what the online sale prices were and I could compare them to the in-store price on Boxing Day.” Sometimes you can save time by putting anything you were eyeing in your shopping cart so come sale-time, the items are auto-populated with

5. Dig down for cash and gift cards.

“A lot of people forget they have gift cards, so start paying with any gift cards you received for Christmas right on Boxing Day,” says Spodek. “Cash is also smart because it prevents you from racking up bills on your credit cards.”

6. Cash in your returns.

If you have any unwanted Christmas gifts, return them immediately to retrieve spending money that you can use to buy something you prefer.

7. Shop for things that don’t normally go on sale.

While electronics are a mainstay of the Boxing Day sales, consider buying things that don’t normally go on sale, such as cosmetics.

8. Keep an eye on social media.

There are exclusive deals to be had on all sorts of platforms. “Follow your favourite brands on Snapchat and Instagram for deals, discounts and promo codes,” says Friedman.

9. Squeeze out more dollars while you shop.

Earn cash for purchases you would make anyway. “Compare your favourite retailers through Ebates.ca and see where you can earn the most cash on top of the deepest discounts you’ll find this year,” says Freidman.

10. Finally, remember that most Boxing Day purchases are final.

“If you buy online, watch for delivery costs that can add a huge chunk to the final bill,” says Spodek. “And before you buy, check if you can return the item, or exchange it through the box store. That way, if you’re not happy, you’re not stuck with it.”

This story was originally published in 2016

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