How much should you pay for a frying pan?

How much to pay for a frying pan

If you want an incredibly long lasting frying pan, there’s only one choice


fryingpanIf you’ve rummaged through your grandmother’s cabinets you’ve probably found a cast iron pan. They’re incredibly long-lasting pans and “really versatile,” says Claire Tansey, food director at Chatelaine. “You can use them both on the stove top and the oven.” Coloured pans sell for as much as $300, but do they perform better than a $1 garage sale find? Not really, according to Tansey. You should view expensive pieces as “decor items” that you serve dinner guests from. But with a little TLC, a dirt-cheap cast iron pan is just as functional. “You can get in there with steel wool and scrapers,” says Tansey. If you don’t want to put in the work, aim to spend $50 for a new one, depending on the size.