How to deal with a costly odometer defect

How to deal with a costly odometer defect

Here’s why the manufacturer should reduce the cost of the repair


OdometerQ: The odometer on my 2007 Corolla went past 299,999 kilometres and reset back to zero! The dealer won’t offer any help because it’s too old, and a replacement odometer costs $500. What should I do? – B. Ahmadi, Vancouver

A: This defect affects the 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla, and related Matrix and Pontiac Vibe. Toyota has a secret policy to address consumer complaints, but it may have expired. An odometer should last the life of the vehicle, but they occasionally do fail and owners pay the repair cost. For a defect like yours that is common to a vehicle line, the manufacturer should either extend the warranty or dramatically reduce the cost of the repair. (You likely would have replaced the odometer already if Toyota had dropped the price to, say, $100.) I suspect some owners will put off paying for this expensive repair until it’s time to resell the vehicle.

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