Toronto among top 10 beer consuming cities despite high prices

Toronto among top 10 beer consuming cities

No. 41 of 75 international cities when ranked by cost


Toronto is among the top 10 beer consuming cities in the world despite relatively high prices for the suds, according to survey of 75 large international destinations. Torontians consume an average of 116 litres of beer per capita, a study for European travel site GoEuro has found.

Ranked by cost, Toronto (the only Canadian city on the 2015 Beer Price Index) came in at No. 41 with an overall price of $3.14 per 330 ml, a number GoEuro arrived at after averaging retail and bar prices. High consumption combined with high prices mean Torontians are spending $1,136 per capita on beer each year.

The cheapest place to buy beer is Krakow, Poland where 330 ml will run you just $1.66. The most expensive city? Geneva coming in at $6.32.