Canada’s Best Credit Cards of 2015

Looking for a credit card that puts more money in your pocket? Our fifth annual ranking has the answer



From the September/October 2015 issue of the magazine.


What would you do to save a few hundred bucks? We’re sure some of you would drive across town for a deal, allowing you to pocket the savings. But there’s an easier way—just change credit cards. In fact, picking the card that best matches your spending habits could double your rewards. And since the top cards in each of our credit card categories deliver more than $400 annually in rewards for a consumer charging $2,000 a month, that’s a big deal.

But finding the right card can be hard work because issuers often distract potential customers with big sign-up offers that disappoint down the line. That’s where MoneySense comes in. We’ve run the numbers on hundreds of cards to pinpoint the ones that deliver the richest rewards, always taking into account annual fees over a five-year period to ensure the value extends beyond one-time bonuses. And for those of you who carry a balance? Choose wisely and try to pay it off monthly. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for someone else’s rewards.

This year, the No. 1 cards include the MBNA Rewards World Elite Mastercard in the cash-back category (offering $428.80 back annually based on spending of $2,000/month) and the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard in the travel category (offering $621.36 back annually based on spending of $2,000/month). Other top ranked cards include the Rogers First Rewards Mastercard and the TD Emerald Visa. For the complete list of winners in each of our six categories, see the links below.

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Published by MoneySense™ magazine, the Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2015 ranking evaluated certain credit cards on category-specific criteria, based on publicly available data as of July 2015. Usage assumptions made to calculate the value of the rewards may not reflect your own use. The Canadian credit cards available and the specific credit card terms may have changed since the data was compiled. Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2015 ranking is created for information purposes only and is not intended as financial advice. The information provided is not guaranteed and no representations or warranties can be made as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Visit for full CCBC15 methodology.

Publié par le magazine MoneySenseMC, le classement Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2015 a évalué certaines cartes de crédit canadiennes selon des critères liés à une catégorie en fonction de données accessibles au public en date de juillet 2015. Les hypothèses sur l’utilisation qui ont servi à calculer la valeur des récompenses peuvent ne pas refléter votre propre utilisation. Les cartes de crédit canadiennes offertes et les modalités propres aux cartes de crédit peuvent avoir été modifiées depuis la compilation des données. Le classement Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2015 est créé aux fins d’information seulement et n’a pas pour but de donner des conseils financiers. L’information fournie n’est pas garantie et il n’y a aucune représentation ni garantie à l’égard de l’exactitude et de l’exhaustivité de l’information. Méthodologie du palmarès Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2015:

9 comments on “Canada’s Best Credit Cards of 2015

  1. Where does the Capital One Mastercard fit on your list of “Cash Back” rewrds


    • Ever since they took away the 10,000 points every anniversary, which effectively drops the annual fee to $20, it isn’t even worth it for new subscribers to get this card. Those that had it before, has this grandfathered.


    • I have a Capital One World MasterCard – Aspire Cash. It gives me a net 1.5% cash-back, and doesn’t have any annual fees, so ends up being better than any cash-back card that was mentioned in the article. It advertises as 1% cash-back, but then on the anniversary date, if you’re still a customer, it adds another 50% of your cash-back rewards to your rewards balance. I’ve been with them for 3 years, and it beats anything else out there.


  2. Would be interesting to get the perspective of those who were shifted over to TD from CIBC with Aeroplan cards. They are well positioned to make comparisons between providers…. There should not need to be a “dog fight” ….


  3. Great list! I’d also recommend everyone check out when comparing cards, they’ve got some useful filters to help narrow down your choices. As well, remember to ALWAYS check for rebates PRIOR to applying! I’ve used in past and gotten a $100 bonus plus a free Google TV, not too shabby for an extra 30 seconds of work.


  4. The Rogers mastercard credit card is not the same anymore. They just cancelled the rogers rewards program. So for the moment, you dont will earn reward until the first of december and have to redeem them until june 2016. There is no indication of what wil happen to actual and new users of this card. Stay away until a announce is made. Please update your ranking!


    • It will be converted to the Rogers Platinum Rewards card (1.75% cash back). New and existing users of the old card will be transferred to the new card as of October 1st.


  5. Canada’s Best Credit Cards of 2015 – MoneySense
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  6. We obtained Capital One Cards due to our desire to get travel rewards but your article leaves us doubting our selection. How does Capital One compare today, it was a few years ago the No 1 card?


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