Income splitters take note

How changes to the CRA’s prescribed rate will affect you, bad financial planner pick-up lines and a poll on tipping.



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    • The CRA is increasing the prescribed rate from 1% to 2% in October. Prescribed rate loans are often used as an income splitting strategy by families to lower taxes. Here’s how the change will affect investors.
    • We’ve heard our fair share of bad “pick-up lines” on the dating scene. The Canadian Finance Blog lists pick-up lines from financial planners.
    • high-end Japanese eatery began refusing tips after it raised it’s menu prices in order to better pay staff sparking a debate about the merits of tipping among restaurant goers. Tell us what you think by answering our poll question below.


One comment on “Income splitters take note

  1. As a Vancouver transplant living in Perth Australia, I have to say that service here is very poor. In fact, in some cases customers are alsmost seen as an irritant. While there are some pockets of genuinely good service, these are the exception and not the rule. This may not all be tip related but may well have a cultural component (accepting bad service?). Having said that, I do think that tips would help shape things up.


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