Drop in real estate prices expected

Toronto and Vancouver most vulnerable markets, says TD



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Home values are predicted to drop by 12% in the next two years, said the Toronto-Dominion Bank on Monday.

Toronto and Vancouver, both of which currently have extremely high housing prices, are expected to be the most “vulnerable” due to the last few years of condo building. Although economists from TD say that the condo market is not overbuilt yet, sales and construction of new units may slow in the future.

3 comments on “Drop in real estate prices expected

  1. Ummm, how about some details. I understand your bias against real estate but some effort into something aside from a single quote would help people better understand the situation.

    Condos aren't over built? So this sector is not expected to drop? What the heck is the point of this posting?

    Come on, you've grown larger than a simple blog, put some effort into your reporting or don't report it at all.


  2. I'll help you do your job for you. Here's a link to the TD report. To the editors of this fine establishment, the correction which TD has predicted is 10% nationally in prices over a two year period and 15% in volumes over that same period.


  3. Well it says 11.7% for Toronto so they round up. These guys are just taking credit for TD's work.


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