Many couples have differing ideas about retirement

Survey reveals married retirees aren’t on the same page when it comes to their golden years.



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Retirement should be great for couples — you can travel together, cuddle on the couch watching movies all day long, maybe start a new business — but that’s only if your partner wants the same things of post-working life as you do. According to TD Waterhouse survey, only 52% of wedded retirees wanted the same things in their golden years.

Being on different pages could cause marital disharmony — 19% of respondents reported problems in their marriages.

Of course, it’s hard to have an open discussion with your spouse about retirement if you don’t know what you want yourself. The report reveals 43% of people still didn’t know what they want to do in their own work-free life.

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  1. As a working man for the past 40 years , I found it difficult to just stop completly , I found after being retired for a few months that I missed being a part of a working group . So I went back to work part time and am now much happier. It also allowed me to make up some of the difference in my portfolio that suffered during this recession.


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