MoneySense wins at the CFA Society Toronto awards

Congratulations to David Aston and Julie Cazzin!



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MoneySense magazine swept the CFA Society Toronto Financial Journalism Awards Wednesday night.

Retirement columnist David Aston was named Journalist of the Year while MoneySense senior editor Julie Cazzin won the Spirit of the Future of Finance Award. Publication of the Year was awarded to The Globe and Mail.

MoneySense prides itself on providing sophisticated advice to our readers in an accessible format, and it was wonderful to see that recognized by the organization which oversees Canada’s most prestigious financial accreditation,” said MoneySense editor-in-chief Duncan Hood. “In fact, we are one of the few consumer publications out there which includes CFA members among our writers.”

The CFA Society Toronto Financial Journalism Awards recognize the contributions of different Ontario and Canadian based publications and journalists whose work helps consumers and advisers to gain a better understanding of the investment profession. The Spirit of the Future of Finance was a new category added this year in support of the Future of Finance, a global effort initiated by CFA Institute to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society.

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