Most Canadians enjoy retirement

Retirees still wish they’d saved more, started earlier



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Almost 60 per cent of Canadians polled say they’re living their dream retirement, according to a TD Waterhouse survey released today.

The 2011 “Canadians and Retirement” report also found that roughly the same percentage wished that they saved more money before retiring.

The biggest piece of advice that retirees have to give the younger generation is to take care of one’s health, as money is only one factor in a happy retirement.

But the biggest money advice retirees want to give you – and you’ve heard it before – is: pay off your debt, save more and start earlier.

15 comments on “Most Canadians enjoy retirement

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  14. I am 35 and agree with the importance of taking care of your health, retirement is meant to be a time of complete freedom, from bringing up the children and doing all the lesiurely things you want! your Health is your wealth. Also save, the amount of money people spend on Starbucks and the like, one could retire healthy.


  15. I hate it when I see old people who have worked their whole life and end up with nothing but their old age, tired and poor. I am 28 years old I am always thinking about my future and how I can avoid being left behind like that. Great advice to pay of dept, save more and start at an early age to think about the future.


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