Some newer cars burn excessive amounts of oil

Audi, BMW and Subaru vehicles cited by Consumer Reports



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DETROIT – Consumer Reports magazine says its annual auto survey shows that some newer Audi, BMW and Subaru vehicles can burn too much oil.

The magazine says in some cases owners of 2010 to 2014 models reported having to add a quart as often as once per month.

It called on auto companies to back their products by fixing them under the powertrain warranty or by extending warranties.

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The survey found no link yet between oil consumption and other engine repairs. But the magazine says people have to pay attention to oil levels and watch for dashboard warning lights to avoid engine damage.

Messages were left seeking comment on the story from all three automakers.

3 comments on “Some newer cars burn excessive amounts of oil

  1. Glad to see the press picking this story up. Finally.
    These Subarus have been burning oil at alarming rate since they introduced the Fb engines in 2011. My 2013 uses a quart every 2000-3000 miles.


  2. Audi has extended warranties for 8 years or 130,000km to cover the problems on 2009-2011 A4, A% and Q5 2.0T engines


  3. I had oil consumption issues with my 2009 Audi A4. Turns out it was the poorly cored factory pistons–Audi Canada & my dealer covered the whole shot–$8500 worth. #customerforlife


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