Small charities can win big

Less sizeable charities excel at keeping costs down, which means your dollar goes further



From the December 2016 issue of the magazine.


Bigger doesn’t mean better

Smaller charities are particularly good at keeping costs down and directing funds to the cause. While a quarter of the 100 largest charities in Canada earned an A for charity efficiency this year, we give top marks to nearly half of the smaller organizations in this category. Here’s how our grades break down for all 406 charities we tracked this year.

Click here to see the grades for smaller charities »

Bigger doesn't mean better - small charities

5 comments on “Small charities can win big

  1. So what are the ratings for the smaller charities?


  2. Your link to smaller charities does not work.


    • Hi Ron, it leads to the bonus charity grades, which include smaller charities that didn’t make the Charity 100 list.


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