Rewards cards Canadians love the most

RBC and BMO come out on top



From the September/October 2016 issue of the magazine.


Rewards are great, but if it’s a fight to redeem them they probably aren’t worth collecting. To help you pick a rewards card you’ll be happy with, here are the top 10 cards Bond Brand Loyalty says Canadians are most satisfied with:

 rewards cards


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2 comments on “Rewards cards Canadians love the most

  1. Why do you not include PC Mastercard


  2. Scotia cash back credit card gives a certain amount of cash back for ‘recurring bill pmts’ however, even though our Extended Blue Cross medical bill is a recurring monthly bill pmt they refuse to provide the cash back for it. I told them this is a deceptive practice and they can’t make excuses to justify why they won’t pay the appropriate amount for recurring bills.


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