How efficient are Canada’s biggest charities?

A look at how Canada’s 25 biggest charities spend their money.


The Charity 100 ranks Canada’s 100 biggest charities based on a variety of factors, one of which is how much of their spending actually goes toward the program. For this gallery, organizations get top marks if they spend 85% or more on the cause, and we determine grades by measuring them against other charities doing similar work.

A few notes:
• The financial data comes from the charities’ 2008, 2009 and 2010 Canada Revenue Agency T3010 information returns.
• Charities are ordered based on the amount of donations and money raised in 2010.
• Non-program-related costs can include salaries, rent, fundraising, maintenance, bank fees, etc.
• For more on how our ranking works, check out the methodology page.

3 comments on “How efficient are Canada’s biggest charities?

  1. I send back a letter to those charities whose costs appear high, especially replying to those fat envelopes with pens, cards, stickers etc The letter invites them to approack MoneySense to have their efficiency quotients assessed and listed with the others. Your list of the hundred should receive public respect for its effectiveness. Congratulations.


  2. I abhor the charities who use the 'guilt' method of sending 'gifts' to entice sympathies, when every penny counts, give it to those who need it most….FIRST!


  3. Why don't they use charities more efficiently?wastimg money wouldn't help anyone!!!


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