The best deals at Costco


2 comments on “The best deals at Costco

  1. Whats with the 8 page advertisement for Costco? The introduction leads one to believe this article would be a comparison against several options (retailers-plural). However, the only other prices given for groceries is Safeway, only one competitor and a higher priced one at that. We already know Costco is cheaper than there. What about other grocery and household item stores that are IN THE SAME CATEGORY as Costco? Please compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Go back to writing informational articles that are not a commercial in disguise.


  2. Hi I would like to say I’m disappointed in this article… I had hoped it would show a more accurate comparison of products so I could genuinely compare. Perhaps where I am in Canada the grocery stores have different pricing standards but almost every item listed is about half the price shown in this article. Now sometimes, like Campbell’s, these are items available at those prices only on sale- but they spend at least one week each month at each grocery store on sale. That’s means that at any given time I can access tomato soup for .66 as long as I’m willing to look through a flyer… Some name brand items were what I could see as a genuine savings but for the most part it looks like they are comparing to more expensive grocery or related stores…


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