April 13 roundup - MoneySense

April 13 roundup

On a new documentary short about student debt, the best and worst jobs of 2012, Obama’s personal tax rate and the top 10 accountant pet peeves.


•Meet the young professional who paid off his $91,000 student debt load in 10 months by finding creative ways to increase his income while cutting back on his $1,300 a month entertainment budget. Watch: “No More Harvard Debt: A Short Film”.

•U.S.-based CareerCast.com has posted its Best and Worst Jobs of 2012 list. Best job? Software engineer. Worst? Lumberjack. Find out where your job ranks.

•Does U.S. President Barack Obama personally live by the “Buffett Rule”? Turns out he’s expected to pay 20.5% tax on his roughly $790,000 presidential income.

•And since it’s a Friday during tax season, here are the Blunt Bean Counter’s top 10 accountant pet peeves. Apparently handing over a shoe box full of receipts is not OK. Who knew?