April 4 roundup - MoneySense

April 4 roundup

On spikes at the gas pump, shareholders fuming over CEO pay and men who spoil their partners with more than $4,000 worth in gifts per month.


Gasoline prices are up sharply in many areas across the country but in most cases by a lot less than the 4.5 cents per litre predicted by a noted industry watcher. Still, Canadians haven’t had to deal with spikes like this at the pump since Hurricane Katrina hit.

•A group of National Bank shareholders is upset about executive compensation at the bank. The group called the $8.4 million in salary and bonuses paid to CEO Louis Vachon last year “exorbitant.”

•A dating website has named Toronto the best city to find a “Sugar Daddy” in Canada. SeekingArrangement.com polled its own users and found that Toronto has an average of two rich men per thousand willing to spend $4,027 on month on their partners. That compares to one in Montreal and one and a half in Vancouver.