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Boomers will take the money now, please

Will retiring boomers become more aggressive investors?


Canadian baby boomers have experienced two frightening market crashes in living memory, but they’ll stick with stocks anyway as they head into mass retirement, suggests the Financial Post’s Jonathan Chevreau.

However, Chevreau predicts they’ll switch to more dividend-heavy stocks, abandoning their “youthful infatuation” with growth and fundamentally shifting an entire generation’s investment strategy. Chevreau doesn’t have much to say on how this might change the nature of the market, but for boomers considering a more immediately lucrative investment portfolio, Chevreau points to author and financial journalist Lawrence Carrel’s book Dividend Stocks for Dummies.

Carrel’s book is “Americancentric” in Chevreau’s words, but since Chevreau is bullish on American blue chip stocks, and Carrel himself likes Canadian banks (except BMO), they get along just fine.