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Google employees feel the love

All employees to get a 10% raise, but what’s Facebook got to do with it?


If the staff at Google ever questioned how much their employer loves them, chances are there’s no longer any ambiguity.

The search titan is giving all 23,300 of its workers a 10% raise effective January 1, 2011, which will cost the company upwards of a billion dollars. While the move will likely help bolster the company’s image as a great place to work, observers suspect there’s more to the gesture than simple goodwill.

As rivals such as Facebook continue to grow into markets currently dominated by Google, the war for top IT talent is heating up. In fact, Facebook poached one of Google’s top sales executives a few years ago, and is able to offer the prospect of a potentially sky-high IPO in the near term.

Either way, Google’s gift (or bribe) sends the right message to its people. We need you. We love you. Please don’t go.