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Rate repercussions

Why interest rates must rise, a snowbird checklist, retirement strategies and more.



  • William Robson, president and CEO of the C. D. Howe Institute, explains why he thinks  interest rates must rise. Read his op-ed over at Canadian Business.
  • RBC Wealth Management wants to remind Canadians headed south for the winter than anyone who spends more than four months in the U.S. every year  should consider filing a U.S. tax form to avoid being deemed a U.S. resident for tax purposes.  For more travel tips, check out the bank’s  snowbird checklist.
  • A new poll for TD shows the majority of Canadian small business owners are banking on the sale of their company to pad their nest egg.  A full 14% admit they are counting on the proceeds to fund their entire retirement, a strategy the bank warns against. Here are MoneySense’s 7 new retirement strategies.