September 6th roundup - MoneySense

September 6th roundup

How to handle TFSA penalties, five money habits you need to lose, personal finance myths busted and the dark side of early retirement.


As we approach the three year anniversary of the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, PT Money looks at five bad money habits that people simply can’t get away with anymore.

Talk of early retirement is pretty scarce these days, but just in case you’re still considering it, have a look at the Financial Samurai’s take on why bailing early on your career isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Myths abound in all aspects of modern life, so why not personal finance? Canadian finance blog busts three of them.

Canadians love the Tax-Free Savings Account so much that many of them signed up for one (or more) without fully understanding how to use them. Now the Canada Revenue Agency is sending out the heavies to collect. Here’s what to do if they come knocking.