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Solutions for cash-strapped retirees

When going back to work isn’t an option, working from home might be an easier — and more enjoyable — solution.


We’ve been posting a lot of news lately about about retirement savings that don’t go as far as expected, about investments that fall through, etc. We haven’t been writing as much about what can be done when you find yourself in just that kind of situation — but of course there are options, and they don’t necessarily involve trying to find full-time work, or even a traditional part-time job.

Investopedia has written a brief-but-useful piece on work that retirees can do from home (or as they put, “from the beach.”) None are going to generate enough income to pull you back from the brink of insolvency, but there are promising options here for those who just need a bit more cash flow.

Online tutoring is an option for former teachers or anyone with expertise in a certain field. For the bilingual, translation services are often looking for help. Those with customer service experience might be able to do call-centre rep work from home. And freelance writing, though a high competitive field, may be an option for those with writing or journalistic experience.