Nannygate: Are taxpayers really getting a raw deal?

It costs more to send one kid to daycare



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Whatever your opinion about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded live-in nannies (yes, that’s two nannies—one for day and night) it’s interesting to consider how much we as taxpayers are paying to help raise Xavier James (8), Ella-Grace Margaret (6) and Hadrien (1) compared to what average Canadians are paying for their own childcare these days.

The pair, considered special assistants under the Official Residences Act, have been hired for $15 to $20 per hour during the day and $11 to $13 at night to help look after all three young children, according to reports. When you average that out, it’s roughly $4.92 per child per hour, considerably less than the $5.78 Ontario parents shell out at municipality-run daycares per toddler-aged child. Private, licensed daycares cost slightly less while rates drop further for unlicensed options.

So while it appears taxpayers may be getting a discount on the Trudeau’s childcare, the question of course remains: Should we be paying at all?

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Average monthly fees for full-day daycare by age group

Province Infants Toddlers Pre-schoolers
Province (0 to 18 months) (18 to 30 months) (30 months to kindergarten age)
AB $900 $561 $535
BC $1047 $907 $761
MB $631 $431 $431
NB $740 $653 $620
NS $825 $694 $685
ON $1152 $925 $835
PEI $696 $566 $544
QC $152 $152 $152
SK $650 $561 $535
NT $900 n/a $600
NU $650 n/a $650
YT $690 $630 $600

Source: Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada, 2012

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3 comments on “Nannygate: Are taxpayers really getting a raw deal?

  1. He should pay for daycare like any other citizen in Canada. Personal assistants are an incorrect and deceiving category which alarms me to can I trust him in other matters. A body guard is definetly in order though for a tax write off but a nanny write of is unacceptable and disappointing that he would start his PM job under the guise of words in election not followed thru with.


  2. I’m tired of hearing whether or not he and his spouse “should or should not” be compensated for child care expenses. Either they are entitled by contract or they are not. If he is entitled under contract to receive this compensation, then leave it alone and move on!


  3. Explain something. The PM’s salary is paid by the taxpayer. So is the household budget for 24 Sussex Drive. How would the Trudeau family acquire the services of a nanny that isn’t paid for by the taxpayer? Or that of any MP for that matter? CLOWNS!


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