The best SUV for winter driving

Are you trying to decide between a Honda CR-V or a Jeep? Here’s which vehicle is best

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From the February/March 2015 issue of the magazine.

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2015-Honda-CR-V-front-viewQ: “I’m a senior looking at buying either a Honda CR-V or a Jeep. I don’t want to shovel snow if I get stuck. Which vehicle is best?”—Alice Peters, Edmonton

A: The CR-V is among the APA’s preferred compact SUVs because of its all-around performance, reliability and high resale value. If you prefer a Jeep, I’d go for the Jeep Cherokee with the V6 engine (the cheaper Jeep Compass and Patriot are best avoided). Even then, the APA recommends an extended warranty from the manufacturer with the Cherokee, as there were first-year reliability problems. And be careful when you shop—dealers in Alberta pile on extra charges for insurance and security products, especially when selling to seniors.


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  1. My how the CRV has morphed into an Odyssey


  2. Buy a Subaru Forester


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