PC Optimum points: How to earn, redeem and maximize your rewards in 2024

If you frequently shop at Loblaw-affiliated stores, the right PC Financial Mastercard or a PC Money Account can help you earn serious PC Optimum points.

How to maximize your PC Optimum rewards in 2024

The PC Optimum rewards program lets you earn points redeemable for products at Loblaw-affiliated grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Esso and Mobil gas stations. Earning and redeeming points is easy. There are lots of ways to earn points when you shop, and you can redeem 10,000 PC Optimum points for $10 off virtually anything available at participating stores. Just tell the cashier and the savings come off at the till. Savvy shoppers can accumulate even more points with a PC Money Account or by paying with one of three PC Mastercards. Read on to discover how to maximize your points with one of the best credit card rewards programs for grocery shoppers.

PC Optimum points highlights

  • PC Optimum points have a value of 1%—10 points are equal to $0.01.
  • The PC Optimum card or app is your entry-level pass to the program, allowing you to earn points on select purchases.
  • You can stack your points by carrying one of three PC Mastercards or banking with a PC Money Account.

The value of PC Optimum points

At Loblaw grocery stores and Shoppers Drug Mart, PC Optimum points must be redeemed in 10,000-point increments, and 10,000 points have a value of $10. This means that 1 PC Optimum point is worth 0.1 cents, and 10 points are worth 1 cent. So, you can think of PC Optimum points as having a value of 1% when redeeming at these stores.

The point value can vary when redeeming for gas purchases. When you fill up at an Esso station, you can redeem 4,000 PC Optimum points for a discount of 10 cents per litre (up to a maximum of 40 litres). Getting the full 40 litres gives you $4 in savings—a point value of 0.1 cents (or 1%). 

However, you’ll have to redeem 4,000 points to get the discount, even if you purchase under 40 litres of gas. This can lower the redemption value. Purchasing 30 litres of gas, for example, gives you a point value of 0.075 cents (or 0.75%). 

Redeeming for car washes can help stretch your points further. At Esso stations, you can redeem 10,000 points for any free car wash. Redeeming for any car wash worth more than $10 pushes the point value above the usual 1%. Get a $15 car wash and your PC point value jumps to 1.5%. 

Note that you can earn points at Mobil stations, but you can’t redeem points there.

Where to earn PC Optimum points

There’s a huge variety of retailers in the PC Optimum program all across the country. Major partners include: 

  • Loblaw-owned grocery stores, including Loblaws, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, The Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Fortinos, Extra Foods, Wholesale Club and Dominion. 
  • Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix drugstores
  • Esso and Mobil gas stations
  • Joe Fresh
  • The Mobile Shop
  • Theodore & Pringle Optical

Finally, you can earn PC Optimum points on any purchase when you use one of the three PC Financial Mastercards listed below.

How to earn PC Optimum points 

Think of a basic PC Optimum membership as your entry-level pass to the program. Use the PC Optimum card or app to earn points when you shop at affiliated stores online or in person, and also through personalized offers. Points can be earned at more than 4,500 locations across the Loblaw family of grocery stores, as well as Shoppers Drug Mart (or Pharmaprix in Quebec), and Esso and Mobil gas stations.

There are many ways to earn PC Optimum points. The earn rate depends on where you shop, the promotions happening in stores, the card(s) you hold and the other PC services you use. Points earned through personalized offers and in-store promotions vary. Otherwise, you can earn:

  • 15 points on almost every $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix
  • 10 points per litre of gas and per $1 spent on convenience items and car washes at Esso gas stations
  • A variable number of points at Mobil gas stations (rates vary by station)

In-store offers

When you’re strolling the aisles at participating stores, keep an eye out for the PC Optimum logo. In-store offers let you earn more on everyday items. For example, Shoppers Drug Mart periodically has a promotion for 20x the points. You can get your coupon by loading the offer in your weekly email or opening your Shoppers or PC Optimum app. Be proactive by checking flyers in advance when you’re writing up your shopping list.

Personalized offers

When you register for personalized offers, you’ll receive offers every Thursday for items you’ve purchased before or are likely to be interested in (based on your transaction history). Examples include bonus points on certain items, extra points with a minimum spend, and bonus points days when you can get discounts while earning extra points. These offers are great, low-effort ways to multiply your earnings.

Other PC services

Give your points balance a serious bump when you sign up for a no-fee PC Financial Mastercard. You’ll earn points on every purchase you make, no matter where you make them. Plus, when you swap out your chequing account for a PC Money Account, you’ll accelerate your earnings everywhere you shop.

Boost your PC Optimum rewards with a PC Financial Mastercard

Bump up your PC Optimum points earn rate and earn rewards everywhere with one of the three no-fee PC Financial Mastercards.

At a glance: The PC Financial Mastercard has no annual fee and no minimum income requirement, making it a totally accessible way to earn PC Optimum rewards no matter where you shop. With accelerated grocery, gas, drugstore and travel bonus categories, you’ll reach your points goals even faster. 

PC Financial Mastercard

Visit pcfinancial.com for more details
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Earn rates: 25 points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart; at least 30 points per $1 at Esso and Mobil gas stations; 20 points per $1 at PC Travel; and 10 points per $1 on everything else
  • Welcome offer: You can earn 20,000 PC Optimum points
  • Annual income requirement: None
Visit pcfinancial.com for more details
  • Point value: 1 PC Optimum point is worth $0.001 (redeem 10,000 points for $10)
  • Recommended credit score: 560 or higher
  • Interest rates: 21.99% on purchases, 22.97% on cash advances and 22.97% on balance transfers


  • Earn points on all your purchases, and get more points at Shoppers Drug Mart and Esso and Mobil gas stations than you would by simply being a PC Optimum member.
  • This card comes with no fee and is accessible no matter your annual income, making it a great fit for younger people.
  • Get up to four free cards for family members.


  • This card doesn’t come with travel insurance or other perks. 
  • The earn rate on groceries is only 10 points per $1 spent no matter where you shop, so if you spend $100 on groceries and pay using this card, you’ll earn 1,000 points (a value of $1, or 1%). You can earn double that value in cash back with the no-fee Tangerine Money-Back Card.

At a glance: The PC Financial World Mastercard is available to people who have an annual income of more than $60,000 (or $100,000 for the household). With this card you’ll enjoy boosted earn rates without having to pay any annual fee.

  • Point value: 1 PC Optimum point is worth $0.001 (redeem 10,000 points for $10)
  • Recommended credit score: 560 or higher
  • Interest rates: 21.99% on purchases, 22.97% on cash advances, 22.97% on balance transfers


  • This card bumps up the earn rate on groceries purchased at Loblaw banner stores to 20 points per $1 spent, doubling what you’d get with the PC Financial Mastercard.
  • Compared to a PC Financial Mastercard, there’s a jump of 10 points per $1 spent on Shoppers Drug Mart purchases (from 25 points to 35 points). For example, a $50 purchase will add 1,750 points (a value of $1.75) to your account with a PC Financial World Mastercard, compared to 1,250 points (a value of $1.25) with a PC Financial Mastercard.
  • With this card, you’ll have access to 24/7 concierge services, which can help you with booking and reservation requests.


  • While the reward for shopping at Loblaw stores is boosted with this card, it comes out to a 2% return, which is 1% less than what’s offered by the no-fee BMO CashBack Mastercard. 
  • There is no travel insurance and few other perks.

At a glance: Those who make $80,000 annually (or $150,000 as a household) are eligible for the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard, which offers the best earn rates of any PC Financial credit card, plus World Elite perks. Even better, there’s still no annual fee. 

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

Visit pcfinancial.com for more details
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Earn rates: 45 PC Optimum points per $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart; 30 points per $1 at Loblaw banner grocery stores (including No Frills), and 10 points per $1 on everything else
  • Welcome bonus: You can earn 20,000 PC Optimum points ($20 value).
  • Annual income requirement: Personal income of $80,000 or household income of $150,000
Visit pcfinancial.com for more details
  • Point value: 10 PC points = $0.01 at Loblaws grocery network and Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Recommended credit score for approval: 560 or higher
  • Interest rates: 21.99% on purchases, 22.97% on cash advances (21.97% for residents of Quebec), 22.97% on balance transfers


  • You’ll earn 30 PC Optimum points per $1 spent at Loblaw banner stores. This 3% earn rate is on par with the best rates offered by other no-fee credit cards.  
  • In addition to purchase protection, extended warranty, and concierge services, this card includes travel emergency medical insurance, car rental collision/loss damage, and identity theft assistance without an annual fee.


  • You have to have a high annual income in order to take advantage of this card’s boosted earn rates. High-income earners may be better off with a fee card that offers better earn rates and perks.
  • You must charge at least $15,000 annually to the card or you will automatically be downgraded to the PC Financial World Mastercard.

Boost your rewards with a PC Money Account

What is PC Money? 

Launched in 2020, the PC Money Account is the newest financial offering from President’s Choice, which joins other no-fee online banks to provide a fairly comprehensive suite of free everyday banking services while shaking things up with the perk of earning PC Optimum points. While earning rewards points is a common benefit of using a credit card, it’s less typical when you do everyday banking. 

As far as bank accounts go, the PC Money Account offers a solid portfolio with free unlimited everyday transactions, including cash withdrawals (from PC Financial ATMs or at select points of purchase), bill payments, account-to-account transfers and Interac e-Transfers. As this isn’t a traditional chequing account, paper cheques are not available. However, between point-of-purchase, bill payments and Interac e-Transfers, you can still pay for everything from food to utilities to rent. And, the PC Money Account card is widely accepted. Use it wherever you could use Mastercard—in person, online and internationally. 

How to earn points with PC Money

When you shop with the PC Money bank card, you’ll earn 25 PC Optimum points per dollar on purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart and 10 points per $1 everywhere else (except for banking transactions, like paying bills or e-Transfers). You can link your card to your PC Optimum account to earn even more points through personalized offers. Plus, you can earn up to 200,000 points in bonuses during the process of setting up your account and making your first transactions—a value of $200. 

For those who shop at Loblaw banner stores and affiliates, the PC Money Account is a no-brainer. It offers most, if not all, of the everyday banking services you need, fits seamlessly into the existing PC Optimum program and costs you nothing to use.

What is PC Express Pass?

In April 2023, PC announced its Express Pass, a grocery delivery service which competes with the likes of InstaCart and UberEats. But it is used at Loblaw banner stores, including Loblaws, Zehrs, Freshmart, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and many, many others, wherever PC products are sold. It can also be used for picking up orders, too.

You’re wondering about the cost, right? It’s $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year (which saves you over $20 if you sign up for the annual membership). It costs the same as the streaming services from Amazon Prime, so make sure you will use PC Express Pass for it to be of value to you. There is a one-month free trial period. Here’s what you would get with PC Express.

  • unlimited free pickup and delivery on same-day, next-day or future orders over $35
  • unlimited number of delivery addresses (which could be of interest for caregivers of those living independently) 
  • online shopping at 800-plus PC stores, including Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart
  • easy cancellation
  • ability to earn PC Optimum points and redeem PC Optimum offers

Frequently asked questions

No. PC Optimum points cannot be used as payment towards your PC Mastercard balance or other financial services like withdrawals from your PC Money Account.

Of the three PC Financial Mastercards, only the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard carries any travel insurance. With this card, you’ll have up to $1 million in travel emergency medical insurance for trips up to 10 days from the date of departure, for those under age 65. Additionally, you have up to 31 consecutive days of coverage in case your rental car is damaged or stolen.

Yes. You will receive 5% back in points on any booking you make through PC Travel. This can include flights, hotels, tours and car rentals.


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