Skinny basic cable packages are here

The bare-bones TV offerings cost around $25



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Starting today, all Canadian TV providers must offer low-price “skinny” basic cable packages, as mandated by the CRTC. Bare-bones packages must come with the option of topping up and enhancing with pick-and-pay channels.

Click here to view the channels Rogers is offering as part of its skinny basic cable package.

Click here to view the channels Rogers is offering as part of its skinny basic cable package.

The Rogers basic package costs $25 and offers a basic suite of Canadian channels like City, CBC, CTV and Global, plus mandatory carriage channels like CPAC and a few major U.S. offerings including ABC and NBC. The package does not include any 24-hour news channels or specialty offerings for sports fans or movie buffs. Additional theme channel packs can be added to the standard package for anywhere between $3 to $18. Sports fans can snag the Sportsnet Plus or TSN Plus set of about eight channels for $18 each, while Canadian news junkies can pay $5 for CTV News, BNN and CP24.

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Last week, Shaw introduced its $25 “Limited TV” package, offering about 38 channels. Shaw customers can add five more channels of your choosing to the package for an additional $15 per month. they will also offer theme packs: You can add a Sportsnet and TSN combo to its skinny basic programming for $14, or pay $8 for a collection of either. Movie and lifestyle channel packages cost $6 each.

Bell’s “Starter” Fibe TV cable package starts at $24.95 and comes with 20 mandatory Canadian channels and no U.S. channels. You can pick individual channels to add to the package for $4 each.

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This article was updated Mar. 1, 2016.

5 comments on “Skinny basic cable packages are here

  1. We have VIP package now and it appears the same selections will cost $9 more (89 vs 80) with the March 1st revisions.


  2. What BS. Rogers think’s they’re soooo smart. Ha ha, you fooled us. Wink, Wink.

    $ 25 to get what I can get free off an attena is a joke!!!

    Reality is TSN, Sportsnet need us. The more of “us” who quit their loser networks the more they’ll lower their price.

    I’m cancelling my Rogers account. If they want me back, they need to be cost competitive.

    CRTC needs to separate the content from the data. It’s a joke that the cable providers own the cable stations. Just shows the level of corruption at the CRTC.


  3. I cut the cord over 5 years ago and that changed my life. Instead of sitting behind the boob box for a few hours each day I do other things, I’m more active etc. Sometimes I go see a movie in the theater but even that is only once and a while. I’ve seen the new Star Wars movie when it came out, just watched Deadpool on the weekend as for what else the theater is playing I’m not interested so will have to wait until they change a few of them and see what’s up for grabs. Today when I’m at my mom’s (or friends) house and I watch a tv show I can only think to myself how stupid that show is, and it is. Not to mention the barrage of commercials and they are stupid as well. I highly recommend everyone cut the cord for just 6 months.


  4. I thought we were going to be able to add individual channels to the Basic package, not “theme” packs, which is how we are conned now!


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