Canada’s top 35 cities to buy in

We ranked the country’s largest cities based on value & income potential


3 comments on “Canada’s top 35 cities to buy in

  1. Please clarify average income to home price. The metric seems backwards


    • Hi Jason,
      The average income to home price examines how long long it would take to pay the entire cost of an average home in your city/neighbourhood. So, if the average household income is $80,000 and the average house sells for $160,000 then it would take 2 years for you pay for that home. Of course, no one uses their entire household income to pay down their home, but the metric provides a uniformed way to compare each city or neighbourhood’s housing costs and average earnings. Hope that helps.



  2. How is the average rent increase calculated? In Toronto, it’s nowhere near the 15% stated. The city puts a strict limit on rent increases, the average increase the last five years is around 1% per year, or less.


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